Monday, 28 May 2012

Breathing easier

All quiet at our place while we recuperate from respiratory virus running rampant in the region. I don't think I have ever experienced such extreme nasal incontinence before, ever. Could there be a conspiracy to inflate the value of tissue stocks?

Both of us are feeling better at last and wishing there was a short cut to full recovery. In the meantime brain function continues at below normal levels. I'm keeping this post brief as coherency remains a challenge.

Handwoven table runners in crackle weave
Before everything went downhill healthwise a couple of weeks ago, I put the finishing touches on some handwoven table runners that I started about two years ago, just before the twins were born. All cotton except one runner features handspun wool weft. Crackle weave threading, new to me, on 4 harnass loom. I must be feeling better because I'm starting to think about doing more crackle weave. There's something very satisfying about having my own handwoven runner on the table.

Post by M in JaM
Photo by J in JaM

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