Monday, 14 May 2012

Mother's Day

Auntie Ediee and me

Mothers venture beyond genetics into the physics of resonating heart strings and the fuzzy realm of love. Caring and nurturing makes the world go round. It can be done by young and old, male and female, those with and those without children.

Speaking of fuzzy, I'm knitted more ankle warmers. I'm wearing mine regularly. I decided to try a pattern called Sidekicks by Melisa McCurley and I've enjoyed using it. The wool yarn is Luxury by Bendigo Woolen Mills. The cable pattern is not really a cable but a twisted stitch. Knitting ankle warmers may be addictive – as soon as I finished one pair, I started another.

"Sidekicks" - handknit ankle warmers

It's been brought to my attention (by Time Goes By) that sitting for long spells takes a toll on one's health even if one exercises regularly. Many of the crafts that I love require sitting – handspinning at a wheel, weaving, and knitting (some people can knit while standing, sometimes I stand when I'm weaving). In addition, when I sit down to write, I easily lose track of time. I've used a timer to remind myself to stand up and move around, but too often I forget to push the timer's start button. J is developing a Sitting Monitor. I am his guinea pig. I'll let you know how things go....

post by M in JaM
photo of Sidekicks by J in JaM
unknown photographer (probably my Mom) took photo of me and Auntie Ediee


Diana Troldahl said...

I can't really stand that often, but I find myself wiggling my legs, pumping my arms in the air and just answering my body's need for motion several times a day.
It's like a low, slow ache that keeps intensifying until I MOVE something. Even just jiggling my foot helps. Now I know why :-}

JaM said...

@Diana - I'm thinking you're going to love having access to that pool in your new living complex.