Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy 2012!

Beautiful weather provides a lovely start to 2012. Thunderstorms abated after rains (130mm in seven days; that's 5+ inches) relieved the dry, hot spell of early December. Moon Creek is flowing. I can almost hear the grass growing.
Happy Christmas, 2011
Christmas Day dawned with beautiful weather,
a perfect day for our gathering. 

Good food, good company, good time.
What a treat to see grandchildren,
full of good energy and learning to walk.

Family connections spread across boundaries and prove resilient.

I also recall those special people gone from my life this past year and reflect with a smile on shared experiences of former times, treasures of memory. I recall friends and relatives living far away and smile again, considering with amazement the way love continues to expand. All the while, freshly minted memories pile up faster than I can shake a stick. May the year ahead bring each of you Happiness and Joy.

photos by J in JaM
post and photo editing by M in JaM

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Heidi Stevenson said...

Oh my word!!! From the looks of it, Gryphon has Cameron's mischievous expression. Am I right? Just from pictures that I've seen on FB.

Love ya Auntie and Uncle!