Monday, 17 March 2014

Fish Dreams

Wouldn't you expect that Fish Dreams are hard to pin down? Lately, life has been equally unpredictable, speeding up, slowing down, swirling into unexpected eddies.

Some old paints surfaced from the mysterious realm of stash supplies. For some reason the paints had not completely dried out. For some other reason a woody pear tree near our gate had a bumper crop of woody pears (it's been 20 years since we've seen a tree so laden). We couldn't resist collecting woody pear pods, drying and painting them. Fish Dreams are multipying.

My Plan this year, of course, was to focus on spinning, weaving and knitting. Life has been happening in the meantime. My hand developed a slight problem and the knitting projects have had to go into hibernation. Likewise, the spinning. Lucky for me, the hand doesn't mind the weaving project continuing.

We're still having hot spells (80% of Queensland is drought-declared), but Fall is bringing cooler weather. That slight change means the temperature in the weaving room is tolerable, my brain functions better and my motivation has increased.

A spell at the loom leaves me feeling good. Fish Dreams likewise make me feel good. Mystified, but good.


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