Friday, 13 March 2015

A Waiting Game

North Queensland Python
This slowly growing python appears in our house or shed a couple of times a year. Our house skinks are tempting. Python's hunting style requires patient waiting, hanging motionless above a skink runway. One runway lies below the landing at the bottom of the stairs. Python waits and ignores us when we forget he's there and casually walk past. We startle more than he. Eventually, snake succeeds in catching his dinner and disappears to digest for a while. When the rains associated with Cyclone Nathan began three days ago, the python and the skinks disappeared.

We decided to stay home.
Sometimes, one must wait and hope for the best. We are waiting now for Cyclone Nathan to move away from Queensland coast. We're not in the direct path of the cyclone which is further north. It has brought welcome rain. We've had 100+ mm rain, more wind than rain today. We continue waiting... cyclones can be unpredictable.

Life has been unpredictable. Over the past year I've had to limit time spent on handcrafts and keyboarding. In that vacuum, I found it amazing to uncover embers of old friendships still glowing through the years. And further delight in the  bonds with growing young ones. Life provides alternate streams of creativity.

Love and Kindness, Family and Friends - these exist in the same world as snakes hunting skinks. Let's nurture that diversity. It's a blessing.

Post by M in JaM
Photos by J in JaM

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