Monday, 11 June 2012

Queen's Birthday

We've enjoyed this public holiday at home, sitting in front of the morning fire, walking the dog, visiting via the phone, reading things of interest on the internet and working on creative projects. Well aware of global financial problems, threats of mining expansion nearby, concern over water sources and water quality, climate change... well, to avoid being overwhelmed, we purposely turn our minds regularly to finding contentment near at hand.

Leg warmers, knitted last year (NeedleFood hand-dyed yarn)
Last week I stretched my knitted sock sample (no pics as yet) onto a toddler foot and realised I have to knit to the future, not to the moment. The sock was too small for one twin but fit the other twin's foot perfectly – we all know that perfect fit would last for about five minutes. By the time I got home, knit the sock's mate, mailed it and it arrived... there's no way the socks would fit. The twins are growing and changing so fast. So, my mission remains to knit two pairs of larger toddler socks that can be worn this winter, that is... NOW! I am not a fast knitter. Keep your fingers crossed, would you?

Cottolin warp for new weaving project
In between knitting sessions, I've wound a warp for a new weaving project. Similar to the last project, it will use a crackle weave threading and summer winter treadling. The warp is 22/2 cottolin instead of the 5/2 cotton I used last time. The loom lives upstairs in the guest bedroom (you can see the mossie net over the bed in the background). With the heat of summer past, I can weave upstairs during the day quite comfortably. Instead of being too hot, the room in winter is warm and cosy.

May you and yours find contentment nearby, too.

post by M in JaM
photos by JaM

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