Monday, 9 April 2012

Walking, Knitting, Birding

We've been enjoying our daily walks in beautiful weather over the Easter weekend. None of the usual damp and drizzle that we've come to expect on this holiday. The gorgeous full moon felt close enough to touch.

Morning temperatures have fallen. We put the doona back on the bed and unpacked a few items of winter clothing from the trunks though we don't need to wear much in the way of warm clothing yet. I am loving the ankle warmers that I knit from natural brown, handspun Corriedale wool last winter. The ankle warmers keep me feeling comfortable in the morning and evening without needing socks.

Ankle warmers for DH
I encouraged DH to wear my ankle warmers one evening. He looked dubious, but gave it a go and soon wanted a pair of his own. I made his pair from hand-spun Corriedale that I had dyed purple. Being warm feels great and so does using yarn that I've created and stashed in previous years. Come to think of it, DH did some of the handspinning of that Corriedale yarn on an electronic spinner that we rented from the local guild.

Squatter Pigeon in Far North Queensland
A pair of Squatter Pigeons appeared in the mowed area around the house and hung around for a few days. We didn't see a mating display, but you can see that in this remarkable photo by photographer Rod Warnock.

Post by M in JaM
Photos by J in JaM

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