Tuesday, 17 April 2012


We got to spend some time with the twin grandsons. We had so much fun and, of course, got completely worn out. Grandparents are currently in recovery mode....

Twins require less recovery time

I have managed to fluff a small amount of washed bison fibre into a cloud. I've had a go at using a support spindle to spin a portion of that cloud into a fine yarn.

Before: washed and dried sample of bison fibres on table;
After: fluffed "cloud" in plastic container
I'm so glad I learned to spin cotton on a support spindle before attempting raw bison. Otherwise I might feel VERY frustrated. Learning something new typically involves episodes of frustration, in my experience. DH and I share a love of learning something new. I manage the attendant frustration by keeping sessions short. I've learned to nibble away at things. That's an important strategy for this elder. It works in dealing with many familiar tasks as well. Twins require more than nibbles.

Post by M in JaM
Photos by J in JaM

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