Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Year of the Horse

Four nights ago we had the mother of all white ant swarms.

It was only 8 pm when we noticed the first few white ants circling the kitchen light. We jumped into action, turning off most of the lights except a single yellow bug light. We closed all the windows and doors in spite of the too warm night. But within minutes white ants were in thick clouds outside the windows and madly squeezing through the little crevices between windows and frames. They seemed especially attracted to our bare legs that glowed like neon signs in the yellow light. White ant numbers inside the house increased very rapidly. We knew we'd have to turn off all the lights and sit in complete darkness or go to bed. We managed to brush our teeth without getting wings stuck between and ran to bedroom with as little use of the torches as possible. I still had to evict a couple of the critters, probably trapped in our hair, that found their way into bed.

It's been years since we've had a swarm like this one. What a feast for the geckoes! In the morning discarded wings littered the floor and kitchen counter.

The white ant swarm was a harbinger of the rain that came two days later: 86mm rain (more than 3-1/2") in 24 hours. Our creek is flowing again. Since Queensland is about 65% drought declared, we consider ourselves very fortunate.

Such an auspicious beginning to the new Chinese Year of the Horse! In my imagination I always kick up my heels during a Horse Year. But so far, I haven't found the energy for that. I'm beginning to wonder if this might be a trudge, trudge, trudging Year of the Draft Horse. Looking for the silver lining in this possibility, I have found that the Australian Draught Horse is known for its strength and a good temperament.

Good rain, strength and a good temperament. That's a bundle of good fortune. Happy Chinese New Year!


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