Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wet Season mushroom amidst the green

We continue with below average rainfall, but there has been enough rain to prompt the appearance of a mushroom or two. The top of this one is 15 cm across (6 inches). Likewise, grass has been growing and mowing has commenced. 

We aren't the only ones running short of rainfall. All of New Zealand's North Island has been declared a drought zone.

I finally replaced the little electronic scale that died and now have been able to weigh and determine the count of my handspun and plied cotton skeins.

Handspun Pima cotton, natural colours
Handspun white cotton (on left):
Count: 7/3
3900 m/kg (2000 yd/lb)
Handspun and plied on Ashford Traditional spinning wheel
Planned use of yarn: pattern weft in a crackle weave table runner.

Handspun brown cotton (on right)
Count: 5/2
4400m/kg (2200yd/lb)
Handspun and plied on Ashford Traditional spinning wheel
Planned use: weaving project.

Close-up: white 3 ply and brown 2 ply handspun Pima cotton
I could darken the skein of brown cotton by boiling it (with a dash of dish detergent), but may keep this skein's colour unchanged for weaving, just remembering to expect 15%-20% shrinkage when the woven cloth gets washed.

My next three bobbins of brown cotton singles are almost ready to be plied and I may darken the resulting skein to increase my colour range.

Recent cold mornings (down to 12.9C or 55F) remind me that winter... and my weaving season... will be here before long. Now, back to the wheel to make more yarn!   

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