Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Two More Birthday Photos

I had enjoyed knitting two sets of Owl Puffs for the twins, but forgot to take photos for my records before wrapping the Owls for the party. J managed to get this action shot as the Owls were revealed.

Two sets of Owl Puffs for twins second birthday

Birthday parties for two year olds can be pretty chaotic, but one could find quiet areas, too. Doesn't this photo say something charming about the capable young woman of today?

After recovering from the party, I dove back into spinning and weaving projects. Now I'm taking a few days break from hand-crafting after overworked shoulder/neck muscles laid me low. I thought I was being smart by alternating my activities. I spent a day weaving for a bit, spinning for a bit, chopping veggies, then back to spinning. But I neglected to consider that I was using basically the same muscles. By bedtime I knew I was in trouble. I'm feeling better now, thanks to panadol, rest and massage with theracane. I have to figure out better strategies, i.e . get a whole lot smarter. Yes, for a person my age, I'm pretty optimistic.

Staying strong and positive is asking a lot sometimes. That's when it's time to endure... and remember that things do change. May they change for the better in your life and mine.

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Diana Troldahl said...

The best advice I ever internalized about physical recovery is to make hast slowly.
The slower you push yourself, the faster you get back to 'normal'.

That being said, it is a battle I fight every day, the difference is I win more often than I used to :-}