Sunday, 18 March 2012

Fallen Ironbark

This week a mighty ironbark eucalyptus came crashing down, succumbing to hidden white ant infestation. Inside the house, we froze momentarily, shocked by the noise. 
J beside downed ironbark; decapitated bloodwood in foreground

The ironbark, around 25 metres tall (60-70 feet), fell between the fence and the driveway and destroyed some small trees, decapitating a bloodwood. We're glad the driveway didn't get blocked.
Bloodwood eucalyptus

Meanwhile, the current damp weather makes me reluctant to open cupboards and bins in my campaign to reduce stored clutter. Just peeking inside signals authorisation for the development of new mildew colonies. White ants, mildew and rust are relentless teachers of the desirability of keeping possessions to a minimum in the Tropics.
Shredded paper mulch

I have managed to sort through files of old papers and shred many. J has been using the shredded paper as mulch. I get a little glow seeing results of de-cluttering put to good use.

Have I been sitting too much at my wheel and spinning cotton lately? The dog thinks so. She put a tennis ball instead of a spanner in the works. Isn't it time for a walk, she pleads with begging eyes aglow.

GIMP has a nifty filter for correcting the Red Eye Glow problem in photo portraits, but I couldn't get it to work on the dog's eyes. Eventually, J pointed out that dogs don't have a Red Eye Glow problem. They have a Yellow-Green Eye Glow problem. Doh! I decided to leave the dog's glowing eyes as a design element that relates to the yellow-green tennis ball (i.e. no problem, no correction required)... and go for a walk.

post and pix by M in JaM

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