Tuesday, 21 February 2012

February in the Tropics

Life in the Tropics during the Wet Season includes thunderstorms. We're getting them daily again. I'm keeping my entry short as I must soon unplug the computer. Yesterday we had some fairly close lightning strikes. Not much rain though.
Side street in town where we do most of our shopping
Home along same street
Everything is green and growing. In the warm weather snakes are out and about, even at night. I got quite a start when I discovered this night tiger hiding behind the microwave. He's hunting geckoes and that is a favorite corner for geckoes as a lamp sitting on top of the microwave attracts insects. Night tigers are ready biters but generally, they are considered only a threat to small children or people with heart problems.
Night Tiger behind microwave
I think I prefer green tree frogs.

Post & photos by M in JaM

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Diana Troldahl said...

It's like your own little food chain; bugs, to geckos to snake.
I think I prefer our friendly garter snakes and blue racer snakes (had a huge blue racer as a garden pet when I was about 4 years old)