Sunday, 1 June 2008


A few days ago as I walked into our house, I noticed a butterfly on a window trying to get out. I captured it in my hands and released it outside. The butterfly darted onto a near by hibiscus plant and opened its wings in the sun. It was a kind I don't remember seeing before so I got our camera and took a few pictures.

We live at ease with our local insects and all sorts come into our very open house. We always just return them to the outside, even the spiders. Dragonflies never need help, they seem to understand doors and windows. The only crawly creatures that I really don't like are the very large centipedes that appear during the wet season. Some insects appear every year at their appropriate time. Others are rare and some appear sporadically and a few I've only seen once.

I don't remember having many insects in our suburban home before we moved to Australia. I did often go for long walks back in California all those years ago and always knew the area around where I lived. As I look back into my past, I realize how much I separated my life into outside and inside, work and recreation, nature and technology, etc. My world has developed a clarity and unity that I suspect may come with age.

I'm not sure of the butterfly species, maybe Suniana, Ocybadistes or Taractrocera, all a bit hard to tell apart or something else altogether. Maybe a reader can help me?

Later that evening a small colorful moth landed on my hand while I was reading. Such a joy to be here.

J of JaM

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