Sunday, 23 March 2008


I've been dyeing wool yarn rather than eggs.

I remember going on an Easter egg hunt as a young girl with my parents, sister and brothers, my aunts, uncles and cousins. We drove from our home in the San Joaquin Valley to the California foothills where golden poppies bloomed in all their glory. Those poppies remain part of me, of my California Dreaming. Searching for Easter eggs hidden by the adults, I found a nest of little bird eggs on the ground. That thrilled me more than finding Easter eggs. Years later my older sister said, no, you didn't find that nest, your cousin Roy found it. I could only stare at her as I felt my remembered world shift. I had been perhaps 7-8 years old, Roy only 2-3. He always felt so much a part of me that his finding the nest, I suppose, meant pretty much the same thing as me finding it. The logic of an 8 year old. Happy Easter, Roy. Thanks for sharing your find with me. Happy Easter to all!

Photo: One of Jerry's weavings - Two Grey Hills, a Navajo design. He used some of my handspun yarn for part of the weaving. The loose skein of yarn is a commercial wool yarn that I overdyed. The undyed eggs... boiled and yummy.


J at said...

I'll admit to having those memories as well...memories that I thought of as mine, and then they turn out to be something different, or shared...

How magical it must have seemed, though, to find the birds nest hidden away like that, though.

Diana Troldahl said...

Lovely :-}
Thank you also for your comments on my blog. Every single time it makes my day wonderful :-}